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Fireside Chat with Valerie Green Thomas

Everyone has Genius & The Power of S2 (Synergy, Self-Awareness) in the Classroom

Valerie began her career as a founder and Principal of an Independent Business school in rural Jamaica for underserved adolescents. Her thirst for an awareness of the structures and systems in public education led her to high school teaching at two of Jamaica’s most prestigious schools. The thirst further led her to become an international teacher in South Bronx; a community that is economically and academically challenged.  Valerie holds  a Diploma in Teaching, a Bachelor  of Education from the College of Arts Science and Technology; two Master Degrees in Special Education  and Middle School Science from City College and  a certification in Education Leadership from College of Saint Rose. She believes  that education is the backbone of any great nation, and is passionate about education reform for all citizens; Valerie is confident that a good education will never decay.


Valerie Green Thomas

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