How Youth Can Change the World Through Curiosity and Growth Mindset

Curiosity is a powerful skill. It can lead to uncovering new knowledge, discovering hidden talents, or even changing the world. Pair curiosity with a growth mindset and you’ve got the ability to do great things, and that’s exactly what Sarah Syed and many others her age have done.

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Who you'll be joining...

Sarah Syed - Top 20 Youth in the World & Top 25 Environmentalist in Canada

Bryan Wanzer - Instructional Designer, Find Your Grind

What they'll be sharing...

How Youth Can Change the World Through Curiosity and Growth Mindset

When to watch live...

November 1, 1:30pm EST | 12:30 CST | 10:30am PST

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Sarah discovered her passion for climate technology, sustainability and climate activism at nine years old. Now 18, Sarah has done research on multiple climate technology topics and founded You Are the Change, an international youth-led organization focused on creating sustainability leaders.

This webinar will explore how Sarah used her curiosity and a growth mindset to fuel her impact on the world and how she believes other youth can use those tools to do the same.


What you'll learn

  • How Sarah discovered her calling in life: climate technology and sustainability
  • How curiosity fuels Sarah’s motivation, and how she uses it to inspire others
  • Sarah’s advice for creating important mindsets and how it helped in her journey
  • How mentors helped Sarah achieve her goals